Brett and I started BB Distributors in September 2015.

We named it after our eldest daughter Brooke Bussiahn, for whom we started the company, in case she struggled to find other work in 2032, the year after she finishes matric.

We hope to soon be able to branch out and offer a selection of BB Products (Homemade Tahini, Hummus, Brown Seed Bread, Almond Milk, Kombucha). We also hope to soon offer a re-fill option for a few standard household goods such as sugar, flour, rice, oats, beans and legumes. WILL KEEP YOU UP TO DATE ON THESE EXCITING DEVELOPMENTS.

We hope to employ a driver soon, so that Brett can spend more time in the office. He is currently filling ALL roles such as purchasing manager, distribution/quality control, driver, accounts manager, logistics and transport manager, and Daddy (!) to mention a few roles he fills.

Our main business objections are:

  1. To make life easier for our members
  2. To promote and support other small businesses
  3. To promote and support as many charities as possible
  4. To use as little packaging as possible
  5. Most importantly, make a difference!!


Our Offer To You

Just as we would like to make life easier, less complicated, healthier and more affordable for our family, so we trust our service is making life easier for your families.
We also provide all our members with the opportunity to support a charity and become more environmentally aware by recycling.

We would love to add you to our little F&V Club//Community//Extended Family. We thank you for your friendly referrals and kind support thus far: together we would be nothing without you!!

Our Mission

BB Distributor’s mission is to become the most reliable service provider of veggies and other foodstuff to households We create an opportunity for our customers to give small businesses a fair chance to grow. Our recycling programme helps our customers to practice social responsibility with regards to environmental and social upliftment.

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